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Got any advice for me as I prepare for a research assistant interview at Boston University?

Review what topics have been covered in all the courses you've taken. Don't exaggerate; if a professor is willing to sit down with you for an interview, it's probably to see what they'll need to teach you before you begin working rather than to decide if they want to hire you. Have a good idea of...
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Is studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology a good way to get a job as a Research Assistant at Boston University?

BMB classes helped a lot by teaching you basics behind different lab techniques, concepts, and research ideas. This foundation helps you understand and troubleshoot experiments in the lab as well as asking good research questions and developing independent research ideas.
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What's a day in the life of a Research Internship in Science & Engineering at Boston University like?

I primarily helped prepare 2D-NMR samples and analyzed the resulting data alongside past results. The program also required us to make a research poster for a symposium at the end of the summer.
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What's a day in the life of a Student Affairs Coordinator at Boston University like?

Busy! The office is never quiet and students are constantly running in and out. You need to be able to handle disruptions gracefully and think on your feet. Often issues pop up that you've never run into before and you have to get creative and problem solve. Event planning is a really big part of...
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